Will we ever come to an agreement?


It is no secret how infatuated I am with all things health, wellness and mindfulness and my thirst for knowledge constantly keeps me researching, studying and keeping up to date on what new facts are circulating in the wellness world! But one thing I think I need to be really honest with you all is that my diving into learning more about living in a way that supports my body could just as easily make me MORE confused if I wasn’t so sure of who I am and what my body needs! Because incase you haven’t noticed yet…the amount of conflicting information is insane!!

I recently was doing my usual scanning and researching. It usually starts with me finding one article that links to this and then that and then next thing you know I am down the rabbit hole so deep that Dave eventually needs to come and pull me out of my hypnosis by whispering sweet nothings into my ear like ‘hey… are you hungry?” But during one of my deep rabbit hole sessions I was reading an article that broke down the foods that are the most common in creating inflammation and irritation in the body across the spectrum (gluten, dairy, garlic + onion) and while I was reading this article on my laptop I so aptly and millenium-ly opened my instagram on my phone and started scrolling there too (don’t act like you don’t do this too brah) 

One of my favourite instagrammers who actually doesn’t have thousands of followers but who I follow because of her connection with her body and HER method of doing what is right for her put up a story which I of course started swiping through. It started with her declaring her dislike and avoidance of ALL oils, olive oil in particular (what?) Then how gluten makes her feel better (double what?) and ended with “I stick to garlic and onion to flavour my food” (… girl say whattttt?) She literally went against everything that I had just read in the other article!

Being so deep into my own practice with my body and knowing what makes ME thrive I of course didn’t let this affect or change how I choose to eat. Nor did it change how much I love her or make me thing that she was “wrong”. She isn’t wrong – she is just doing what’s RIGHT for her! But what it did make me realise is just how affected ANYONE can be with this constant overload of conflicting information if they don’t have an existing relationship with their body.

This little example helped me reflect on a constant battle that is going on in the health and wellness world. Holistic versus Medical.

I am here to tell you both have great things about it and both have not so great things about it. And the only thing you can control is YOU using from each of those things what YOU may need to help YOU.

For example;

When I first saw my kinesiologist I followed up my appointment by visiting a local GP because my name is Cat Santos and I need ALL the facts. I explained to them everything that I had just been told, from the gluten-intolerant to the allergic to casein and whey etc… and the reaction was not at all desirable. The doctor laughed and told me that I probably wasn’t any of those, and if I wanted to find out if I was that I should ingest MORE of those foods, and see how I felt after that. (I rarely share this story because firstly – my blog is not here to put down any types of medicine and secondly – he was just one bad doctor amongst many great ones.) So needless to say I was heart broken that this new found information that made total sense to me (and has 100000% made me feel like a different person) was originally laughed at.

But then on the other side, If I were to get incredibly sick (which I shouldn’t because of my new found bomb ass immune system) I would not hesitate to seek professional medical help and take anti-biotics if necessary.

I just feel as if there are too many people saying “no do this!” And other saying ‘they are wrong – do this!” And then another group of people yelling “you’re all so stupid, do THIS!”

So here’s what I wanted to say…

  • If you are looking for a perfect way of following and doing what is right for your body onlineyou’re not going to find it.
  • Holistic information is important
  • Scientific information is also important
  • The only way you are going to know what is right for your body is if you stop, listen and record (so that crazy busy 21st century life doesn’t make you forget) how your body is feeling
  • If you are not feeling well… go seek help from a professional accredited health practitioner – WHO EVER that may be for YOU (Naturopath, Doctor, Kinesiologist, Healer… who ever)
  • It takes time. Achieving optimum health is NOT a quick fix NOR is it concrete once you get there.
  • Facts are facts…
  • But YOU are the evidence.

At the end of the day this endless contrast and conflict isn’t going to end because everyone is different and that is the only thing we can agree upon! Fall in love with doing what is right for you rather than doing what you are told will make you healthier or whatever!

Get OUT of your head and IN to your body.

In the meantime, I am going to keep eating and doing for my body what makes me feel good. Whether that’s taking herbal medicine, or having to take a round of anti-biotics or eating more real food everyday, to then smash a packet of salt chips because I am stuck in a car for 6 hours driving and starving. 

Cause our souls need a little love and life is best served in moderation.



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  1. Absolutely- I have been down this never ending ever changing road map and was continually losing my way – always looking for directions to the divine way of life. I thought I had it sorted until my life changing illness – diagnosis of Guillain Barre’ Syndrome I had to listen to my body because it was the only thing I could relate to – I could feel my soul calling for goodness and nurturing. So I ate what My body craved I moved my body the only way I felt it would respond and I loved everything in my life – grateful for every breath – my own and of those around me- thankful that through out my years ( I am 56) I had gone full circle to come back to the reality that life isn’t a dress rehearsal, my performance in life comes from within and I am my own teacher.Thankyou for bringing so much kindness love and light Jo 🙏🏻💜


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