28 things that I wish someone had told me.


I was tempted to make the title “28 things that I wish someone had told me-even-though-they-probably-did-but-14-year-old-me-thought-she-knew-better-so-she-ignored-them-and-then-when-she-finally-listened-she-asked-them-to-explain-it-again-and-they-probably-replied-with-“you’ll understand when you’re older”

But I didn’t.

So here you have “28 things that I wish someone had told me.”

A big thank you to ‘experience’, for being the best teacher ever.

  1. You can be the juiciest, most ripest peach in the world, but there is still going to be someone out there who doesn’t like peaches.
  2. It’s also none of your business if someone doesn’t like peaches. Let it go & move on.
  3. “Pleasing” and “Respecting” others are two words with two very different meanings.
    You do not need to please others, you do however, need to respect them. 
  4. Life is not a movie, that doesn’t just mean the fairytale stuff – that also means the crazy dramatic stuff. Believe it or not, life can be calm, no cliff hangers necessary.
  5. No one is going to do the work for you. You want to succeed? Believe in yourself
    first and foremost and then actually DO something about it.
  6. No one is going to do the inner work for you either. You want bliss? Listen to your heart speak, journal, meditate, find quiet and then actually do it. 
  7. Instagraming that you’re doing something is not the same as actually doing it. Stop counting likes and start counting the moments.
  8. Imitation is a form of flattery. If you’re doing something good, get used to it.
  9. Learn to make fear your best friend, you will be frighteningly limitless.
  10. Travel. Just do it. Book that flight and GO. Your growth as a human being is more important than the numbers in your bank account.
  11. Money will come and go. Don’t get so caught up on the expenses, as hard as it can be.
  12. Nothing is permanent, even your body – your very cells – are changing at this exact moment.
  13. You will never, ever , ever stop learning. Listen those both older AND younger than you.
  14. Find the blessing in the disguise and you’ll never be defeated. Your weakness is your strength.
  15. You are the only person who can give yourself what you need. No one else can do it for you.
  16. What someone says of others, says more about them than it does of others.
  17. It is okay to let go of people, friendships, relationships, work, past hurts, anything that makes you feel un-happy.
  18. Honesty is key.
  19. Patience is vital.
  20. Expect nothing.
  21. Appreciate everything.
  22. Adore many.
  23. Trust few.
  24. Even then, be careful who.
  25. Love yourself.
  26. Love yourself.
  27. Love yourself.
  28. Love yourself so damn fiercely that you teach others exactly how it is done.


  1. Your blog is an inspiration to me, and I appreciate the effort you put into it so, so much.

    I needed this list today, so thank you x


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