Beware of anything that looks Perfect.

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When I was younger I was obsessed with a game called ‘The Sims’. 

I knew all the cheats. My favourite was one that would let me have infinite money, that way I could create and furnish the house of my dreams! How easy and appealing! My young mind was so easily sucked in!! Could life really be this easy?! It would take my sim no longer than a night to be a qualified doctor, I could cook a meal in 5 seconds, literally fast forward through my day and could easily land a lover with a sentence made up entirely of gibberish… no but seriously, as long as I pressed “compliment” enough and those green plus signs popped up in the doubles I knew that ish was ON.

I remember how much it altered my brain when I would play it, I would see the world differently and assume things would happen as instantly as it did in the game and get super devo when it didn’t. I remember having conversations with people and imagining this big green diamond thing-a-ma-bob floating above their heads. Honestly that stuff seriously messed with me! 

Time passed and as I got older I stopped playing because #dancing. But also because I remember realising how much I was investing into this virtual reality game versus how much time I was actually spending with my friends, my family and most importantly, myself. So I stopped playing as much.

Fast forward 18 years and there I am talking to a friend of mine about games we used to play and how no one plays The Sims any more. 

And thats when it hit me.

Yeah they do, we all do… but it’s called something different.


Its like The Sims but worse because it’s real people and highly, HIGHLY addictive.

Think about it. Your instagram profile… is your SIM!

Here we are, constantly updating this virtual version of ourself and making it look appealing to the eye. Mostly sharing the awesome and good stuff. Putting out pictures of us looking happy, hot and stress free so that we get those likes up. Sharing videos of fun nights out and boomerangs of brands. Posting quotes and screaming to the world that THIS IS ME LOOK HOW GOOD MY LIFE IS! All to make this “sim”, this virtual person – good enough. We create this facade of what we think we need to be or want to be versus what we truly are. We make our lives look perfect to please a part of our ego that says “you need to be this way and do these things to be loved and approved!”

When I was younger I knew the difference between The Sims and my reality. But now, that line is blurred and for those who will never know any better, the line is pretty much non-existent. 

So heres what I want to say…

I want to remind you that your virtual version of you does not make up for, or in anyway give you substance if you are not whole and complete without it. The definition of who you are is summed by the choices that you make outside of this platform. You are blood, bones and muscles intertwined. Not an algorithm or a feed or a top liked post.

I want to remind you to work on the real stuff. Work on your communication with people, work on listening to yourself more, work on building a solid foundation of yourself that is tangible. Work on spending time with people you love, work on skills,  work on finding ways to help others, work on diving deep into yourself and figuring out who really you are, no society ideals attached. Work on going out for brunch not because the place is great for pics but because you needed a time out. Work on exploring new places not because you want to tell everyone you did but because you genuinely wanted to. Work on saving up your dollars to travel the world instead of spending it on that new hip brand so that you can be a part of the cool group.

I’m not saying stop going on Instagram. As IF! That’s never going to happen. What I am saying is know the difference. 

I want to remind that with the simple click of a button your Sim could be deleted at any second, but you can not.

You my dear, will live on without it.

So invest wisely.



  1. This is so true- being older our imaginative creative minds were dreaming of the next day at the beach -the waves- getting a new board (as I always had hand me downs dings and all loved them) thinking of a new dress my mum could make me. Now with grownup children all in different careers / industries the one who is on social media the most is the creative one – my dancer and what you have written is so true. I talk with my children about social media and how toxic it can be if it becomes an addiction and the comparisons made to others rule the way we think and interact with others – Thankyou Jo x Bless you


  2. Amazing read Cat. Really loving your content…. so open, honest and totally, irresistibly vulnerable. That takes SO much courage. Congratulations on something you have created, that clearly touches and enriches so many people. Hat off to you.


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