Why I don’t do “Diets” and the reason I started #NIMB.

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I often get asked what “diet” I am on. It’s a valid question and in this day and age where there are so many to choose from it only makes sense to assume that – being a food blog – I too would be associated with one in particular. Even my sister the other day asked me “are you vegan now?” And I said no why would you think that?!  And she said “because you have been posting a lot of vegan recipes!” The sheer fact that my own sister had assumed I was on a diet made me realise that perhaps I haven’t been clear enough with you all what #NIMB is really all about.

I started Not in MY belly because it’s exactly that – MY Belly. And I learnt quickly that what suited other wonderful bellies, did not for MINE. So I took action and activley sought out help from certified practitioners and also did (and still continue to do) a whole lot of research of my own. I still find days where I introduce something into my diet that is both Gluten & Dairy free and still don’t feel right! My body is always growing and changing so I want to be comfortable in this relationship that we have with each other and grow and change with it.

That means I reached a point in my life where I chose to no longer to be limited or influenced by fad diets and instead created my own.

My “diet” is called BABOM (pronounced Bah-BOOM!)

Balanced. And. Based. On. Me.

I choose every day to tailor make my own personal diet and keep a variety of recipes that I love to cook, that suit my life-style and that make me feel strong and vitalized.

I personally believe that if you begin to obsess over diet’s then you have already lost a race that you were never going to win in the first place. If you have found one that you can stick to and makes you feel good then hell yeah! Go you! I think that takes a lot of self discipline and organisation and I commend you! But with my life-style and always travelling and being on the go – I need to be flexible. And in truth, my body wants me to be flexible! (…with gluten and dairy being the only non-negotiable… asshole) And I was only able to get to this point by listening to my intuition, checking in with my body and then I went and did something about it!

I started #NIMB because I want to encourage you all and show you that you don’t need to have a PhD in Nutrition to be able to know how to eat well, cook well and live well. That it IS easy, accessible and absolutely possible. I am just like you. I have a crazy ass life, I fall in and out my flow, I don’t always have my shit together and I still have to pay all my bills and find a way to buy “healthy” But it’s all possible, when you find your own BABOM.

Screw bland and boring meals, push aside sugary processed foods and give up on trying to make your plate look like an instaworthy shot all the time.

Be your best self, by finding you. Find your BABOM.



  1. I agee. I have posted about not calling a healthy eating lifestyle a diet. We are already on a diet, whether it is good or bad. You have to go on a healthy eating lifestyle. Great post


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