Bliss Balls are super easy to make… when you have the right tools! I had a Nutri bullet for so long and it would pulverise my Bliss Balls to the point where it was too dense and would become a solid mush once cooled in the fridge, rather than chunky and easy to break apart!

So I finally realised, it was time to invest… in a food processor.

Yes everybody, welcome to the family my Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor aka Ken Dawg. (I also finally got a spiralizer!)


It took me a long time to buy one mainly because the prices kept scaring me off and I kept convincing myself that using the Nutri bullet in the meantime was just fine… until I wasn’t happy with my bliss balls…

This guy was originally $150 down to $100 (shut upppppp!) and the spiralizer was also $99. So I got both for only $200 which in food machine world is prettttty darn good. The main thing you want to think about when buying a food processor is the wattage (the higher the better), how many parts come with it, and how easy it is to CLEAN! Because nothing sends a trinket to the back of the cupboard like how hard it is to bloody clean.

During my searching I would google every single one that I came across and would read the product reviews. It really comes in handy as you can get real opinions from real people who bought that product! I learnt that Kenwood is not only a well respected brand, but it had a decent warranty and great reviews! AND it was on Sale at The Good Guys! BONUS!

Any who! Here is the recipe for my “Nutty Bliss Balls”


Step 1 – Pop your dates into a small bowl of warm water and let it soak.

Step 2 – Measure and transfer all of the ingredients into your food processor, once this is done your dates should now be nice and soft. Open them up and remove the Pitt inside (even if they say it’s pitted ALWAYS check) and then dice. Add to food processor!

Step 3– Whizz away and process the lot of it! While that is happening fetch a low flat dish and line with baking paper.

Step 4 – Roll and place your balls away from each other on your dish! Then pop them in the freezer for 1 hour.

Step 5– Melt some of your 100% Dark Chocolate. Remove the balls from the freezer and then using a tea spoon, pour your melted chocolate ontop of each ball, then finish it off with one whole almond!

Step 6 – Keep in the freezer for extra coldness and crunch! Or leave in the fridge!!!!

Step 7 – ENJOY!!!!



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