If you’re anything like me then you too wouldn’t want to calculate the amount of dollars you have spent on store bought hummus. It’s that item that you buy at grocery time for the week… but finish in one freaking day. Next thing you know – Hummus is costing you more a month than your own phone bill!

But fear not my hummus lovers, you can make it yourself at home and not only is it cheaper for you and tastier, but it’s honestly so easy to make!!!!



Step 1 – Drain the chickpeas and juice the lemon. Then pop everything besides the olive oil into a food processor (I use my Nutri bullet)

Step 2 – Once everything is processed smoothly, add the olive oil, and process again

Step 3 – Transfer to a jar to put into a fridge or straight to a bowl! Top with a little bit of olive oil. You can also add some paprika, pine nuts or freshly chopped parsley!


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