Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, but when I first laid eyes on Italian cuisine, it was quite evident we were meant to be. We built a solid foundation made mostly out of parmesan cheese & dough and shared in a love like no other. Like all relationships there were the good times (would you like extra cheese with that?) and then there were the hard times (sorry, we’ve run out of cheese…) but like any couple destined to be, we persevered and made it through…. Until the day I went GF & DF… and knew I had to make that phone call and have that chat

“I’m so sorry Mr Italianofood, but I don’t think this is going to work out. It’s not you… it’s me.”

I have to honestly say that giving up Italian Food has been the hardest on my GF & DF journey. It’s not that I can’t completely have it, but the hassle that comes with eating Italian out and hoping that they use GF pasta & GF pizza bases/vegan cheese sometimes just isn’t worth it, so I usually opt for something else.

Eating at home though… is a different story.

What I struggled to find in the beginning was a GF Pasta that didn’t turn my entire pot of salted water into a goo that resembled Robin Williams’s mate “flubber” But then one day I found a brand called “San Remo – Pulse Pasta” that made their spaghetti out of 25% Chickpea flour, 25% Pea Flour, 25% Bortolli Bean Flour and 25% Lentil flour. This GF blend firstly tasted the closest to real pasta than I had had in a long time and also didn’t leave my kitchen a gross mess. And the best part? When you fry this spaghetti, it forms a little grain on the outside that I swear tastes a little like cheese!


I’m all about eating well, but not having to take a million years and cost a million dollars to make it. So here is my favourite Italian “go-to” dish that truly makes my soul happy. It takes 10 minutes to make and you only need FIVE ingredients!


Step 1 – In a large pot, bring water to boil and salt really well, once boiling add in your Pulse Pasta! Be sure to keep stirring to seperate the spaghetti so that they don’t stick together

Step 2 – While your spaghetti is cooking, chop your tomatoes in half and dice your garlic. Don’t cut the basil, simply rip it into little pieces with your hand, leave a couple of leaves whole to garnish!


Step 3 – In a large sauce pan, add your olive oil and garlic. As the garlic is browning (make sure it does not burn) strain your pasta and then add to the sauce pan, toss the spaghetti through your olive oil & garlic mix well, drop the heat to the lowest setting.

Step 4 – Grab a handful of tomatoes and crush them over the spaghetti so that the juice adds to the olive oil mix, add your tomatoes to the mix once the juice has all been squeezed out, then add basil, salt & pepper.

Step 5 – Keep tossing your spaghetti through the sauce until it’s mixed well. Serve immediately and garnish with your basil!

CHEEKY TIP*!!! – If you CAN have dairy, I would suggest adding fresh bocconcini to this dish! And if you do eat meat, prosciutto or pancetta is what I would recommend to add 🙂
*My friend Rose also just suggested adding a little bit of Chilli! Um… YES!!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!



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