“DEDICATED TO YOU” – A love story, with yourself.

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes and tell yourself one thing that you love about yourself.
No? Okay, too fast.
That’s okay.
Pour yourself a drink, let’s take a seat.
Phone in hand?
Un-follow anything that makes you question your Beauty.
A definition so insecure it itself keeps changing.
Try turning your phone off for 30 minutes,
Make it an hour, maybe two.
Now schedule a date with yourself.
Buy a book.
Go to the beach.
Read that book. Read it so deeply you forget there’s an ocean at your feet.
Don’t read? Listen.
Listen to the waves and smell the salt in the air. Listen to the music or words that make your heart swell in
ALL the good ways.
Brain won’t stop? Negative thoughts?
Ignore them.
Better yet,
Listen to them…
… Then kindly tell them that they don’t affect you anyway…
You were given a voice, now use
Your w-o-r-d-s.
Say NO and mean it.
Say YES and mean it.
Let it go,
Frozen, Disney style,
Let it go,
The want, the idea, the self harming desire
That wants to divide
The perfect wholeness that you are, because you already are,
And oh,



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