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Nothing knows how to stir up your insecurities like bad skin.

You just simply can’t hide it. I mean you could wear a brown paper bag on your face (believe me, I have considered it) but we all know that’s not really an option.

Make-up is our quick go to to cover up the red-ness, but it doesn’t smooth out the skin. So when the sun light hits you on that angle, our mind starts criticising every single bump and scar. Not to mention if you’re a boy make-up sometimes isn’t even an option. So what do we do and more importantly, WHY do we keep breaking out?

As most of you know, adult acne was the first symptom that was alerting me to the fact that something just wasn’t quite right inside (which in hind-sight, is actually a blessing) I tried everything (except roacutane) and still to this day no matter how healthy I am inside, my skin is a freaking rollercoaster. I kid you not guys, there will be one week where my skin will be pimple free and feel incredible and then in a matter of 3 days i’m a 13 year old going through puberty… AND I DIDN’T EVEN GET PIMPLES DURING PUBERTY. 

I’m talking about this issue because I want to be real with you guys and everyone else out there dealing with their own self-esteem issues. I look at Instagram and Facebook and see these perfect faces and flawless skin tones and judge myself all the more. And if I am feeling this way at 27, then how are the teenagers of today dealing with it along with everything else going on in their teenage lives?! Honestly, when I get on an Instagram binge i’m left wondering if everyone is in on the perfect skin secret and i’m just the pubescent 27 year old late to the party? Or is photoshop the secret here? See I don’t know what to believe anymore. We all know that most images are touched up because there’s this necessity to looking a certain way online, but everyone looks SO DAMN PERFECT ALL THE DAMN TIME and what’s worse is that it looks SO REAL.

Don’t get me wrong. Since going Gluten and Dairy free I can honestly tell you that my skin has improved SO much. But going GF & DF wasn’t just because of my skin as I had a whole bunch of other things going wrong for me to change my diet.

At this present moment my body works and is steady at this state;

– No Dairy
– No Gluten
– No Refined-sugar
– Hormones are balanced
– Healed/Healing Gut system
– Liver and Gall Bladder have been checked to make sure they are riding my body of toxins
– Drinking lots of water… (Okay maybe I could do this a little more…)
– Currently taking extra Zinc vitamins to help heal old scarring
– Eating lots of skin enriching foods.

I feel like I’ve really covered a lot of what could be causing bad skin internally, which is why I get so down and frustrated when I break out (can you tell that a breakout is what triggered this emotionally dramatic blog post?!) I understand that it’s natural for our skin to cycle and have up’s and down’s but I know this isn’t as simple as that! I want to open up and be honest incase there was someone else out there feeling just as insecure, alone and lost about their skin too! Because internally I know that I am doing everything right and I REFUSE to believe that my skin is re-enacting Oprah on a generous day screaming “YOU GET A PIMPLE!, and YOU GET A PIMPLE! And YOU GET A…”

So I’m starting to go to a skin clinic called Beauty & Balance in Cronulla. And it is just the most beautiful place ever. Not only is the interior a dream but Eliska & Eadie, my skin coaches, are the most loving and genuinely caring women I have ever met! I’ve already had two sessions of extractions and facials and today I had my very first LED Therapy session.

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetIMG_1353Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

For those who don’t know what LED Light Therapy is here’s a quick explanation. LED treatments work by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin. It’s known for helping with anti-ageing and clearing acne prone skin. The treatment is pain free, and non-evasive and it was originally developed by NASA! Cool right!

I’ll be keeping a visual diary of my skin healing process and I can’t wait to look back and see how my skin has healed itself and keep sharing it with you.

I want anyone else out there who has read this entire blog internally screaming “YASSS” to know that I get it. I feel your pain. It f*cking sucks. And that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect in every way, your skin just needs a little extra loving. And if you are ever in the Cronulla area, I HIGHLY recommend you go see the incredible Eliska & Eadie at Beauty & Balance. They are my Angels!


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