I don’t know about you but in my family it was a given that as soon as you got a runny nose, felt sick or had a tummy ache… out came mumma’s Chicken Soup. It cured almost anything & everything and made you feel better almost instantaneously! And FYI, there has been a medical study on Chicken Soup and whether it actually does help a common cold – believe it or not, it does! (check that report out here

So it’s safe to say that good ol’ Chicken Soup is like a big warm hug
… but better because you can eat it.

Bone broth is like a super human version of our good ol’ Chicken Soup. 

Bone Broth is made by simmering bones typically between 8-24 hours. During the simmering process the bones release a small amount of trace nutrients as well as gelatine from the collagen rich joints (if you follow a Vegetarian or Vegan diet you can omit the bones and instead make a vegetable broth and simmer the veggies & spices for 24 hours!)

It is believed that Bone Broth (organic & grass fed) aids in healing gut issues, maintains cholesterol, boosts the immune system, heals the gut lining and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Meanwhile you’re also receiving all the nutrients such as as collagen, amino acids, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Nutritionists, naturopaths & health coaches recommend Bone broth and believe that it promotes good health! I know for me personally whenever I feel like my gut is out of whack I have a cup and it really helps.

Please remember, Bone Broth is not the ONLY way to get all of these nutrients, especially for all my Vegan & Vegetarian friends. You can still find many ways to get all of these gut-healing nutrients into your body through plants, healthy fats, fermented foods and spices.

To make Bone Broth all you really need is left over bones from last nights dinner and some water. Of course you could spruce things up and add garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and veggies. You can also buy the ready made pre-jarred broths from your nearest health food store if you haven’t pre-prepared (my favourite is Byron Bay Bone Broth) or you can also buy Bone Broth as a concentrate or refractent dried.

I’ve always heard a lot about Bone broth and my nutritionist highly recommends it as I do typically follow a Paleo diet and have gut problems, but when I was writing this blog I wanted to know as much information as possible to share with you. So I researched as many posts, websites & books (check out Louise Hay’s “The Bone Broth Secret”) and tried to condense all the information I was reading up on to share it with you as short and sweet as I could. But in particular one blog post that I found really helpful was nutritionist Alyse Co-cliff’s blog post. She had all the science and evidence and I liked seeing all her links to the National Institute of Medicine!

So if lately you have been feeling a little under the weather like my Dave who has been suffering from a serious case of Man-Flu, or just have been feeling a little bloated or uncomfortable… try some bone broth. Just a mug a day can make all the difference!

Now remember, this isn’t a magical remedy so if you’re eating fast food everyday and sipping on a mug of bone broth then you’re not really doing much difference! Keep your diet balanced and making you feel good so that you can glow from the inside out.

If you want to try and make Bone Broth at home there are a number of recipes, here are a few of my faves to check out!

For all my Vegan/Vegetarian friends, here is an awesome Vegetable Broth alternative



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