Never be #hangry again – The foods I pack in my bag before I leave the house!


If you could purchase me, I would come with a giant CAUTION label.

(disclaimer: you can’t purchase a human, its totally illegal. But for the sake of this blog… roll with me)

It would say “BEWARE, may become ridiculously vicious, short tempered or cry herself to a snotty mess when hungry”

There is nothing, NOTHING worse, then being #hangry. Especially when you’re spending a day on a job or with a group of friends where you have to conceal the inner turmoil brewing inside. Now try being #hangry when there is no where around that sells food that you can eat. I call this Super Saiyan Hangry (for all my Dragon Ball Z fans out there) When I get Super Saiyan hangry I suggest all who are within a 5 kilometre radius to stop, drop and roll the hellllll away from me before I kamehameha someone.

In reality I don’t really want everyone to stop drop and roll away from me. So, I devised a plan to never feel this way again and avoid any future social melt-downs. It’s this crazy new invention, so brilliant I am sure you have never heard of it!!!

… It’s called – being prepared.

Initially I couldn’t get it quite right when deciding what foods to pack. You never really know in advance what you’re going to feel like eating & some things just don’t work being in the warm confines of your bag all day. But the foods I am about to list below have never failed in hitting the spot when I’ve been stuck in the black abyss of hangry-ness & have also kept my bag squeaky clean.

1 – BFree Sweet Potato Wraps
You can buy these at any Woolworth or Coles. They are the softest most delicious gluten free wraps I have tasted. All the others I would buy would break as soon as I tried to bend & fold them, or they tasted like paper. But these bad boys are amazing. They also fold really neatly and easily into my bag.

2 – Peanut Butter
If you don’t like peanut butter then damn, if you love peanut butter then YAY! I’m all about it. Spread this on your sweet potato wrap for a quick bite! I love the brand Mayvers – I usually get crunchy just incase I’m not carrying any nuts with me as it fills me up a little more. If I’m feeling adventurous I also pack some coconut flakes or almond flakes to sprinkle Salt Bae styles.


3 – Bone Broth 
Whenever possible I cook with fresh bone broth that I either have at home in my freezer or have bought straight from the store. But when I am out and about I keep this packet with me. 1 x heaped table spoon is enough. I pop it in my Fressko keep cup and there’s my soup to go! Also great if your belly isn’t feeling particularly well that day. The brand I am currently testing out is Nutra Organics and the packaging it comes in makes it fit really well in any bag.

4 – Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars
My sister introduced me to the heaven that is a Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar. OH EM GEE. Just try it. No words could describe the taste. My favourites are the Lamington & Banana Bread flavour but honestly every single flavour is just so great. Perfect for when you have a sweet tooth & so little and easy to chuck in your hand bag.

5 – Loving Earth Chocolate
… I don’t think I need to explain why a little bit of chocolate should be in your bag 😉 But instead of buying a block, Loving Earth have these little fun sizes that are perfect for carrying around.

6 –  Loose leaf Chai Tea + Infuser
A Chai Latte is very different to a Chai Tea. Many cafes don’t do the real ‘loose leaf’ deal. Real Chai Tea acts as an anti-inflammatory for your gut and is super soothing. If I am out and craving Chai I pop a tea spoon in my infuser and either chuck it in my keep cup with some boiling water or just ask the cafe I am at for boiling water in a mug. You can have this with or without milk!

7- Mixed Nuts
You can’t go wrong with having some nuts with you. They are good fats for your body and fill you up. My favourites to carry around are cashews, almonds and pistachios!

8 – Fruit
I always have either a banana, strawberries or a punnet of blueberries with me wherever I go. But if they aren’t your fav, carry an apple or some mandarins! Just make sure you take the fruit out of your bag if you don’t eat it, no one likes to accidentally touch a bit of over-ripe banana juice… gross.
My go to quick fix that makes sure I always use the fruit is mixing it with the BFree Sweet Potato wrap with some peanut butter & coconut flakes!

9 – Tamari Sauce (gluten-free Soy Sauce)
Not pictured in my featured image above, but something else I bring with me if I am out during the afternoon or evening is Tamari Sauce. Most sushi places offer it, but you would be surprised how many don’t. So its always good to have with you if you’re someone who just can’t do sushi without it!


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