Are you adding to pollution without even knowing it? Here’s 3 simple things that you can carry in your bag that can change our world.


In the last 10 years, we have produced more plastic than we have the entire century.

Plastic is literally everywhere. Look up right now – I bet you could count at least 5 things that you can touch & see that are plastic. It’s cheap, fast and super accessible. Which is what makes it so hard to stay away from.

In an attempt to sort out my body I’ve become super conscious about my impact on an even bigger body, our Earth. Now I know how hard it is, especially when you’re so damn busy that you can’t even brush your hair let alone have the will power to say no to that take-away coffee that literally makes all your daily problems go away for the sake of the earth (Earth ain’t seen no problem till it’s had to deal with me on a day without coffee…) So I get it. It’s so tough! But if we wanted to… really wanted to make a difference, then it’s as simple as having 3 little things in your bag every day.

1 x keep cup
1 x tote bag
1 x fork

1. The Keep Cup

One of the things we are so blindly unaware of is the fact that a coffee cup is not recyclable! Not to mention the plastic lids! Did you know that we dispose of 50,000 coffee cups every half hour… EVERY HALF HOUR!!! That’s enough to fill a Melbourne tram every 30 minutes! So in comes… the KEEP CUP!
Now the only way this works, is if you buy a keep cup that you love SO damn much that you a) Actually want to take it with you every where and b) Genuinely not want to lose it!
Mine is in the feature image above! It’s a Fressko keep cup that I bought in one of my favourite stores. What I love about this one in particular is the fact that it’s a screw on lid, so no random dribbles when it’s in the bottom of my bag! If you’re vibing a keep cup have a look at the below sites to see some more awesome and innovative cups!


2. The Tote Bag

This was the easiest thing to stick to. Firstly, raise your hand if you have ever shopped at Cotton On, now keep it up if you bought something, now keep it up if you were sucked in to buying one of those $2 tote bags for charity and then stuffed it in the back of your cupboard? If your hand is still up then CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE A TOTE BAG!!! Plastic bags are by far the worst contributors to pollution on our land and in our oceans. So if you can avoid it, please do. Just pull out your tote bag and voo-a-laa. You have a bag to carry your things in. And if you’re not digging your Cotton On extraordinaire, then have a look at these beauties below.

GREEN PAC – (make your own!)

3. The Fork

I said the tote bag was the easiest thing to stick to, and I meant it. Although we all literally could get up and grab a fork and put it in our bag right now, the issue is not the accessibility, the issue is cleaning the damn thing after you have used it and then putting it back IN the bag. This one takes will-power and determination and mostly – habit.
Plus, you’re better off eating from your own home bought fork than the plastic one that is about to go in your mouth containing goodness knows what. You can find forks at places such as…


So there you have it. 3 simple things that can seriously make ALL the difference. And once you go to a cafe who commend you on bringing your own cup, bag or fork, you will find it becomes infectious and you suddenly have the desperate desire to make all take-away places so freaking proud.

Try it for a day, then a week and then a month.

Give it shot for your home, our Earth.

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