5 “bowls” you NEED to try in Cronulla NOW!

There is nothing more perfect than having every single tantalising & mouth-watering ingredient all gorgeously put together in one little big bowl. I love being able to dip my spoon, fork, chop stick in and grab a mix of flavours that send my taste buds bonkers. Not only are these bowls delicious and the definition of #instagrammable, but you can get them all made GF & DF on request! Booooooom!!!!

Nb: I am not sponsored by, nor have either of these places asked me to share their food or include them in this blog post. This is purely my opinion based on my own loves and personal experiences! So check em’ out. 


1 – Dbowls

I’ve had my fair share of Acai bowls all over the world. But nothing compares to the Acai (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee) bowls made here by the man – Eduardo.

Having been born in Brazil, Eduardo was exposed to real Acai his entire life. So after moving to Australia, his passion to cook and share his knowledge led him to exposing what REAL Acai should taste & look like. The Acai at Dbowls does not melt – I’m SERIOUS. And it is not mixed or watered down with any extra juice or milk. Eduardo uses Amazon Power and keeps his Acai in its most purest form. I thought I had tried real Acai but after one bowl – I was hooked.
Dbowls offers GF granola OR you can do Eduardos favourite and simply top it with some desiccated coconut!

Acai BowlImage – @dbowls 

2 – Pokebowls

For those who haven’t tried a Pokebowl or don’t know what a poke bowl is let me explain. Pokebowls originate from Hawaii with a japanese flavour. It is a fusion that begins with a base (rice, noodles, cabbage etc) then you add your protein (salmon, tuna, chicken, tofu etc) followed by some veggies (cucumber, radish, carrot, edamame etc)  then you add your favourite topping (avocado, fried shallots, nori, sesame seeds, wasabi peas etc) and finish it off with a sauce/dressing of your choice.
One of my favourite lunch/dinner time meals to go to when I’m vibing something fresh & tasty! Again, almost all of your choices are GF & DF! Just ask, they are on to it!

PokebowlImage – @pokebowl_aus

3 – Heart & Soul Cafe

Heart & Soul is a health hub that offers all kinds of delicious whole foods. Being a Vegan cafe you can be sure there is no dairy and almost everything is gluten free. I could go on and on about their menu but since we are talking all things bowls…
Pretty much it’s a DIY bowl. They have a cold and hot buffet and depending on the size bowl (oooh a largeeee he got money) you choose determines how many choices you can mix! My go to is the cabbage and kofta salad mixed with the red curry tofu. But honestly, there are so many choices, you would have to go and try a different one every time! Ahhh so good!!!!

Heart and SoulImage – @heartandsoulcronulla

4 – Nutrition Station

A new special! The ‘Clean and Lean Burrito Bowl’. Red quinoa, spiced lean beef, charred-corn salsa, avocado, cottage cheese with baked wholemeal tortilla chips. Now obviously you can get it without the cottage cheese and wholemeal tortilla chips, and it still tastes SO damn good! While you are there get a smoothie/juice.

Burrito BowlImage – @nutritionstation_cronulla


5 – The Press Cronulla

This cafe is literally Cronulla’s best kept secret. There is so much goodness about this place, they do these topped toasties that are SO damn good, but again I’m only allowed to talk about bowls! Next time you find yourself here ask for the Buddha Bowl, Almost everything you need to keep your gut healthy and your skin glowing is in this bowl! Please, do yourself a favour and check this place out NOW!

Buddha BowlImage – @thepresscronulla


Well there you have it! 5 of my most favourite bowls in Cronulla!

Hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!


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