This was my first trip to Bali, ever.
It’s almost unheard of these days, an Aussie who hasn’t gone to Bali? (Are you even Australian?)
Friends and fam warned me about the unforgiving “Bali Belly” and because of all my Gut stuff I was as you can imagine, a little worried. So since February this year I have been researching and studying all the right places to eat, drink and chill in Bali so that I can successfully achieve operation #baliNOTinmybelly.

WHAT IS #baliNOTinmybelly?
Bali NOT in my belly is the prior undertaking of large amounts of time to research the island and its greatly reviewed cafes and then eating at said cafes whilst fighting valiantly against the large island who’s goal is to make its way into my little human body and run-a-muck in my stomach ME NOT GETTING DAMN SICK.

I bought that many e-books and followed that many Bali Insta pages that I felt like I was being sold “Bali” on a daily basis. So if I didn’t nail this, somebody gonna be mad.

But alas, I was SUCCESFUL! Bali was NOT in my belly!

So here are my foodie recommendations for Seminyak & Ubud!




1. Cafe Organic

Did someone say GF & DF Almond Blueberry pancakes?! YES PLEASE. This cafe was everything I have ever dreamed of. Acai bowls, Sushi bowls, GF Corn fritters, Blended drinks. If you are ever in Seminyak (or Canggu for that matter) do yourself a favour and GO.



Quite literally the best GF bread and eggs I have not only ever had in Bali but on earth. It’s a cafe within a shop so stop past this place, have a coffee and a browse!


3. Sea Circus

Such a fun and colourful place! The menu will overwhelm you, There’s so much goodness and never enough time! Tuesday night is Taco night so if you’re in Seminyak on a Tuesday, get to Sea Circus! Otherwise, every other day of the week and any time of the day is just as good!



4. Earth Cafe

My partner and I went here on our last day to actually sit down and eat (We had been here earlier but only to buy the takeaway desserts) We actually couldn’t believe we hadn’t eaten here earlier. This place is beyond ridiculous. If the menu doesn’t blow you away the prices will. I recommend coming here and making sure that you eat here at LEAST 3 times. They have every single kind of dietary requirement written on their menu.



5. Grocer and Grind

A beautiful place with an absolute stunning interior. It’s situated on my favourite cross street in Seminyak. Grab a table outside and watch the people go by!


6. Sisterfields

If Australia could be pin pointed as one place in Bali, it would be here. Sisterfields!
The vibes here are so infectious and its safe to say this place is ALWAYS busy!


7. Batik

The best Indonesian I have ever tasted. Not only is the food great here but the interior and exterior design of this place is so stunning. They have a completely seperate menu for GF meals which puts the mind at ease almost immediately.


8. Revolver

Deemed best coffee in Bali. This beauty was only a 2 second walk from our hotel (U Paasha Seminyak)
Down a hidden laneway, you will find the rustic wooden door to your left. Don’t worry if you think you may miss it, there is a balinese local there to direct you inside.
Don’t be fooled by the small entryway, this place is HUGE! Stunning interior and great coffee to boot. We didn’t get any food here but the menu looked delish with many options available. They also do Almond Milk!


9. Madpops

VEGAN ICE CREAM!!! This place is just so great. Beware though, its tiny. And the amount of people who line up just to get a selfie with the neon sign is enough to push you out the door. So see if you can find a small window of time where it’s not so busy! But it’s SO worth it.





1. Watercress 

The was such a beautiful place in Ubud. We were lucky enough to get the corner couch upstairs that overlooked the street from the balcony. The food here was just so incredibly tasty and fresh and the service was impeccable. We got the Satay Chicken & Edamame for starters and then shared the Chicken with Mango salad and Mahi Mali with BBQ corn and potatoes!

Plus a “few” Bintangs for Dave… all this – for $35!



2. The Seed of Life Cafe & Yoga Studio

I’m no yogi, but man this place makes you want to quit your job, sell all your belongings and become a nomad. Dave and I came here for dessert after our dinner at Watercress and I thought we weren’t going to order much and then as usual… we did. Ha! I got the pancakes with banana and Dave got a peanut butter bowl. I also had here a green tea made from leaves that are harvested wayyyy up high in the mountains of a sacred village in China. It was the strongest Green tea I have ever had but I am sure it worked wonders for my insides. This cafe also has a yoga studio upstairs and they sell raw cakes & kombucha in their fridge.


3. Habitat

Again, so yummy and so cheap. Check out the menu for yourself, so many options it was hard to choose but Dave got the Lorenzo Breakfast Burrito & I got the Ubud Banana Split Bowl. The coffee’s were too good to wait for the photo 🙂


4. Clear Cafe

Whoever came up with the idea of a jungle inside a cafe situated in a jungle is a very clever human. Not only were there so many choices for food here but the scenery and ambience were the main reason as to why this spot was one of our favourites. Also, the coolest door to walk through!

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