Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Pescetarian, Plat-Based, Gluten-free, Wheat free, Soy free…

The list literally goes on (Seriously, search “List of Diets” on Wikipedia and see for yourself)

I almost don’t like using the word “Diet” because I find that it almost suggests that everyone choses to eat a certain way simply to lose weight. I know for me personally changing to a Gluten and Dairy free “diet” had absolutely nothing to do with losing weight and everything to do with feeling good. However, some people do decide to switch their eating habits specifically to lose weight, and that’s okay! I definitely don’t like when other people put others down for their personal choices, whatever your reason is, I support you!

Note: Before you commit to changing your eating habits, please make sure that you see an accredited practising Dietician or qualified Naturopath to find out which “diet” is right for you. Changing diets rapidly can leave your body lacking in nutrients & vitamins and can do more harm than good to your body. A qualified practitioner can give you a day by day meal plan suited to your body. You don’t want to do the opposite and harm your body by not giving it what it needs to thrive!

I used to think it was as simple as Vegetarian and Not-Vegetarian. Times sure have changed! It’s much more common now to hear people being a specific kind of diet. But with an increase in GMO & Processed foods on the super market shelves and an advancement in research regarding Health, it’s no wonder we are all searching for a lifestyle to commit to that can make us not only look good but feel good.

When I was first introduced to changing the way I eat my brain became quite overwhelmed trying to remember all the in’s and out’s of every diet. So I thought what better way to clear everything up, than to have it all here!

So here you have it. A quick and informative breakdown of all the “Diets”

Gluten-Frer 6
I’ll go pretty in depth with this one. A Gluten Free diet is a diet that excludes the protein Gluten. Gluten is found in grains such as Wheat, Barley and Rye. It has been found that Gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines of those who are sensitive and intolerant to Gluten and in a more risky case, those with Coeliac disease.

Your YES list ( You CAN eat!) is as follows;

•Beans, seeds and nuts in their natural, unprocessed form
•Fresh eggs
•Fresh meats, fish and poultry (not breaded, batter-coated or marinated)
•Fruits and vegetables
•Most Dairy products
•Corn and cornmeal
•Gluten-free flours (rice, soy, corn, potato, bean)
•Hominy (corn)

It is of the utmost importance to make sure that they are not processed or mixed with any gluten-containing grains, additives or preservatives, this is especially at cafes and Restaurants where the menu at times cannot specify all the ingredients and you are mislead to eating a glutinous meal.

Your NO list! (AVOID AVOID AVOID!) is as follows;

•Barley (Malt)
•Triticale (a cross between Wheat and Rye)
•Durum flour
•Graham flour
•Soy sauce
•Cous Cous
•Lollies (Check the packet, they usually have wheat as a thicker)
•Cookies and Crackers
•French fries (Mostly because of the oil it’s cooked in, making fries at home should be fine!)
•Imitation meat or seafood
•Processed luncheon meats (Sausages, Salami etc)
•Salad dressings
•Seasoned Rice mixes
•Seasoned snack foods, such as potato and tortilla chips
•Self-basted poultry
•Packet soups and soup bases
•Vegetables in sauce

Oats are arguable. If you are highly sensitive to Gluten it is recommended that you stay away. However, there is technically no “Gluten’ found in Oats.

“The current tests for gluten in food can measure gliadin, hordein, and secalin but not avenin, as it is a slightly different protein. Accordingly, the Australian Food Standards Code prohibits the use of a gluten free™ claim on Oat containing products.

The Australian food standard differs to the regulations in Europe and the USA, where oats can be marketed as “gluten free”. More accurately, these “gluten free” oats are the equivalent of oats labelled “wheat free” in Australia, i.e. there is no measurable contamination with wheat, rye or barley”

For more information;

Gluten-Frer 7
Gluten-free food doesn’t contain the protein Gluten, which is found in the grains Wheat, Rye and Barley. For this reason, all Gluten-free foods are also Wheat-free.
However, a Wheat-Free food diet may still contain Gluten from the Rye or Barley that is consumed. 

So to summarise – a Wheat Free diet is a diet where Rye & Barley is consumed, but Wheat is not. So there is still some ingestion of Gluten.

For more information;

Gluten-Frer 8
“Dairy Free” can be a tricky thing to define (eggs being argued whether it is dairy or not for ex.). Most people define Dairy free as free from milk-based ingredients. This includes the proteins Casein (Cheese), Whey (Powder Protein Shakes), Lactose (Cows Milk, Yoghurt), and even Milk fat (Butter). It does not include Eggs.

For more information;

Gluten-Frer 5
A Vegetarian diet is a diet where no animal meat is eaten. However dairy, which comes from a cow, is still consumed. 

The Vegetarian Society defines a vegetarian as follows:
“A Vegetarian is someone who lives on a diet of grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae, yeast and/or some other non-animal-based foods (e.g. salt) with, or without dairy products, honey and/or eggs. A vegetarian does not eat foods that consist of, or have been produced with the aid of products consisting of or created from, any part of the body of a living or dead animal. This includes meat, poultry, fish, shellfish*, insects, by-products of slaughter** or any food made with processing aids created from these.”

For more information;

Gluten-Frer 16
Vegan diets are a type of Vegetarian Diet where only plant-based foods are eaten. However, Dairy is most definitely NOT consumed. Being Vegan means that you can still have breads. So a Vegan meal at a restaurant or at home does not necessarily mean that it is Gluten-free! However you can be sure that it is Dairy-free.
Veganism is also a philosophy & way of life. If you were to follow this philosophy it means you would stay clear of leather, fur, wool or silk; products derived from insects (i.e. honey and beeswax); or toiletries that may be derived from and/or tested on animals.

Foods that are consumed in a Vegan diet are;

•Fruit and vegetables

•Breads, cereals and grains

•Legumes (eg lentils, chickpeas, dried beans)

•Soy foods like tofu and tempeh

•Nuts and seeds.
For more information;


Gluten-Frer 15
The Paleo diet has been nicknamed the “Cave man” diet. This is mainly because what is mostly consumed is animal meat & vegetables. However, going Paleo is much more inventive and interesting than what a lot of sources give it credit for.

Going Paleo means cutting out Dairy, Grains, Processed Food & Sugars, Legumes, Starches and Alcohol from your diet. 

Many people fear that by going Paleo you lack feeding your body Iron, Carbohydrates and Calcium but in truth, this is not the case. You can feed your body all of that through the beauty that is PLANTS!

For more information;

Gluten-Frer 11
A Pescetarian diet is quite simply a Vegetarian who also adds aquatic animals to their vegetarian diet. Pescetarians eat freshwater and saltwater fish (Salmon, Tuna, Prawns etc) and shellfish in addition to the fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy that they typically consume.

For more information;


Gluten-Frer 12

A Raw food diet is a diet consisting of eating foods in their natural state. This is defined as food that has not been heated above 48 degrees celsius. Foods that are obviously safest to eat raw are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, so this diet is often adopted by those most likely following a Vegan diet (Raw Vegan) But there are a variety of foods within and outside of these food groups that also make up a large part of the diet.

“There’s one more final myth to bust while were on the subject: the idea of there being such a thing as the raw food diet is actually a huge misnomer“ that is unless you think the term “the cooked food diet” is useful or descriptive, because there really are infinite ways to eat raw just as there are infinite ways to eat cooked. Everybody’s diet will be different for different reasons and that fine! It’s really important to know that. Many people go looking for “the raw food diet” like a Holy Grail that’s waiting to be discovered but they never find it and this is why! Your diet, just like mine, is whatever you choose to make it! Cooked or raw, or a mixture of the two. Your perfect way will reveal itself, it’s just a case of knowing more about the raw part”
Resource – “The Raw Food Coach”

For more information;


Gluten-Frer 13
Plant-Based is quite literally self-explanatory, a diet based on eating whole, plant foods. Similar to a Vegan, it also eliminates all animal products and animal by-products. So then what’s the difference between Vegan & Plant-based? A common question and also a little similar to the difference between the Gluten-free & a Wheat-free diet.

“Veganism” is a philosophy. It’s not just about what you put in your mouth but what you wash yourself with, what you buy for furniture and ethically what you stand for. No leather, fur, wool, silk, honey & anything tested on animals.

Plant-based is specifically the diet of whole, plant-based foods, not “Vegan”. For example -Oreos & hot chips are considered Vegan, however, because they are not in whole plant form, you would not be able to consume the on a plant-based diet!

For more information;

So there you have it! It’s most definitely not ALL the diets, but it’s certainly the most popular at the moment. If you have any requests for more information on a certain “diet” or want to find out more about one that’s not specified here, contact me here!

Hope this has helped!
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